I am here to question. To ponder, and to open new doors to new possibilities. I am here to make you question your beliefs, and to question everything, not just take it as face value. I hope that through sharing my personal stories and journey as I travel towards becoming a traditional midwife, the articles, theories, and personal opinions I share, and the topics I broach will help inspire. I want to get away from the “This is the only way, this is the light and the truth” thinking of the birth communities I keep finding. I want to get away from the hate, the shunning of others, the put-downs. And I want to help others to do so too. I understand that what I may believe or share will push people’s buttons and ruffle a lot of people’s feathers. And I’m ok with that. I understand that they may cause me to lose some friends (more than likely “Facebook friends”) and maybe even possible clients. And I’m ok with that. Because I will be challenging the status quo, hoping others will too, and hopefully find new friends and new clients that think like I do, or are seeking something like what I am seeking, in their own births and in the maternal-care world and society at large. Come join me around the fire, let us be a community of outsiders that we may start the revolution.


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